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  • Invaluable Service!

    I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with IIL for our annual conference’s printing needs, and their dedication to customer satisfaction is truly outstanding. Their readiness to accommodate last-minute requests and resolve any issues that arise is invaluable. We deeply value our partnership with IIL and the role they play in making our conference a success.

    - Elizabeth Parker, Director of Marketing, Training Industry, Inc.
  • IIL Printing is a Great Partner!

    “We have been working with IIL Printing for years now.  They provide great service, confirm every small detail before finalizing our training products.  Our products are professional, and I am proud of the training materials we provide to our clients. Thank you IIL for being a great partner!”

    - Amy Munroe, Staffing eTrainer
  • Awesome printing service!

    “I appreciate the attentiveness, responsiveness, flexibility and commitment to customer service that I have experienced so far with IIL Printing. I love their “can-do” attitude!”

    - Sandy Gieber,
    Co-Owner, Chief Operations Officer, Next Element
  • Thank you!

    “We depend on IIL for all our printing needs, both for our promotional materials as well as our course materials. They are quick to respond, do their best to work within my budget and produce high quality pieces for us. They more than exceed my expectations and go above and beyond to meet my needs. I would highly recommend IIL printing services.”

    - Michelle Cummings,
    Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Personify Leadership
  • Exceptional Printing Results!

    “Our company has had a longstanding partnership with IIL, spanning many years. As a company that often faces chaos and last-minute changes in our printing needs, we have consistently relied on IIL to deliver exceptional results with remarkable speed.

    Whether it’s handling our regular printing requirements or responding to urgent situations, they have never failed to impress us with their efficiency and the quality of their work. Working with The IIL Printing team has been an absolute pleasure, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with them in the future!”

    - Jessica Martin,
    Customer Service Manager, Empire Medical Training
  • High-Quality Products!

    “I would recommend IIL to anyone looking for a print vendor, especially for educational materials. They have a high level of knowledge about how to best execute your project, high quality print products, and are extremely responsive and fast! Everything you want out of a print vendor, and more. Thank you, Team IIL!”

    - Susan Gladden,
    Senior Director of Brand Engagement, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt